April Meeting PHOTO POTLUCK 4/20/17


The next regular meeting of the Los Angeles 3-D Club (SCSC) will be Thursday, April 20, 2017

7:15-9:45pm at the Armory Center For the Arts 145 N. Raymond, Pasadena, CA 91103.

The April meeting of the LA 3-D Club will feature a photo projection potluck. Typically our members only get to see their work projected when they enter them in our bi-monthly photo competitions. But this month members may each bring up to five images to the meeting to have them projected out-of-competition. This will be an opportunity for members to show their photos on the screen to receive feedback, discuss techniques, and share their images without the pressure of being  judged.

Each stereo image pair should be stored in a single file, in side-by-side, parallel viewing format (left image on the left, right image on the right, with NO space between them).  Any reasonable file size, even a very high-resolution file, is acceptable.  The file should be compressed using any high quality JPEG setting, and must be brought to the meeting on a single flash drive containing up to five (5) “.jpg” files.

In addition, we will watch the still photography shows Red Rock Country by Lee Pratt and Andrea Shetley, and Dementia Concretia: Wisconsin’s Outdoor Folk Art by Martin Schub.

The meeting is free, and open to the public.


  1. John Ballou PPSA, APSA says:

    I am going to be in the LA area for your next meeting. I would like to come view the show. I could also bring along the images that formed an honorable mention 3D sequence consisting of 17 3D images documenting the path to the summit of Mount Whitney from the west I could bring the images on a flash drive.
    Thanks for your consideration

  2. Eric Kurland says:

    We would love to have you attend the meeting.

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