1954 – Sixty Five Years Ago

3D had a wild ride all through 1953. As 1953 began, 3D and Bwana Devil was all the talk. Every movie studio rushed to cash in as soon as possible. Of The 16,000 movie theaters, many hundred paid for the upgrades necessary to project 3D, other theaters waited and others would soon upgrade for wide screen projection systems. The theaters which had upgraded to 3D soon had numerous titles to project, unfortunately the movie going public all too soon grew tired of 3D and paying extra to see it. By late summer, too many were predicting the end was near. There were at least two single strip systems offered, but it was probably too late. Fortunately the holiday 3D movie selections brought in large crowds and all began to look rosy. But as the calendars changed to 1954,wide screen came out the winner and movies which had been shot in 3D, were only being released in 2D or playing very few 3D screenings.

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