(San Francisco, CA) Experts in stereoscopic cinema declare a winner at the 3D Theater session of the 23rd annual Stereoscopic Displays and Applications (SD&A) conference.  SD&A is the largest and longest running technical conference dedicated to stereoscopic imaging, and is the world’s premier conference for 3D innovation.

The 3D content winner at the 2012 SD&A 3D Theater session was:

Best of Show – “All Is Not Lost” by OK Go and Pilobolus (USA)

Honorary Mention – “The Blackpool Tower 4D Experience” by Sharp Cookies Ltd. (UK)

This year’s judges of the SD&A 3D Theater session were: Percy Fung from Digital Magic Limited (Hong Kong) and Adjunct Professor at City University of Hong Kong; and Bernard Mendiburu, author of “3D Movie Making” and the follow-up “3D TV and 3D Cinema”.  The judges were impressed with the high quality and inventiveness of the content, and had a challenging task to choose the winning entry from among a strong field.

The prizes for the Best of Show award were: a copy of “Stereoscopic Displays and Applications 1990-2009: A Complete 20-Year Retrospective (Special Collection DVD-ROM)” (ISBN: 9780819476593); an autographed copy of Bernard Mendiburu’s latest book “3D TV and 3D Cinema: Tools and Processes for Creative Stereoscopy”; and an autographed copy of Lenny Lipton’s seminal 1982 book “Foundations of the Stereoscopic Cinema” (also available as a free e-book at: http://www.stereoscopic2.org/library/foundation.cfm ).
The Best of Show award was accepted by Eric Kurland who was the Stereographer for “All Is Not Lost”.

41 different 3D content segments were screened during the two hour SD&A 3D Theater session, showcasing a wide range of styles from 3D content producers from around the world.

The full list of 3D content segments screened during the SD&A 3D Theater follows:

Competition category:
Sony Two Worlds                   Sony and Grey London (UK)
UYUYUI!                           Santiago Caicedo (Colombia)
C30 Electric Crash Tests in 3D    Volvo Cars Corporation (Sweden)
All Is Not Lost                   OK Go and Pilobolus (USA)
Random42 Showreel                 Hugo Paice (UK)
Hong Kong Skydrive                Volker Kuchelmeister (Australia)
The Blackpool Tower 4D Experience Sharp Cookies Ltd. (UK)
Pro XXXRW                         Brian Drake and Jhonathan Florez (USA)
Dancing Girls                     Norma Kamali / 21st Century 3D (USA)
Make Every Second Count           Nat Bartholomew (USA)
Ancient Russia 3D                 Andrey Anokhin (Russia)
Dimension3 2011 Trailer           Dimension3 (France)
The Bird Man                      Yoshihiro Funabashi (Japan)
Bullproof                         Digital Revolution Studios (USA)
My Dream                          Joy Park (Korea)
Tarang                            Jonny Greenwald, et al (USA)
Monster vs Mini 3D                Mini Cooper/BSUR/Camp David/WW7/
21st Century 3D(USA)

Demonstration category:
Brave (trailer)               Pixar Animation Studios (USA)
Scrat’s Continental Crack-up, part 1 and 2
20th Century Fox, Blue Sky Studios (USA)
See You Later                 Amusic and Digital Magic Limited (Hong Kong)
3D Bubble Mania Extended Cut  Peck Media (USA)
PlayStation 3 Stereoscopic Games Selection
Sony Computer Entertainment (UK)
Enxaneta                      TV3, Televisió de Catalunya (Spain)
GoPro 3D: Highlight Reel 2011 GoPro Media Team (USA)
De-Visions 3D                 Ryan Suits (USA)
John Carter (trailer)         Disney (USA)
The Shadower                  Jenny Januszewski (USA)
Humor and Heartache of War    Digital Revolution Studios (USA)
Cycle 3D (trailer)            Andrew Murchie, Enhanced Dimensions (UK)
3D from 2D: HMAS Sydney II in 3D
Curtin University (Australia)
3D Mash-Up 2011               Lightspeed Design, Inc. (USA)
The 30 Second Intermezzo      Chris Casady (USA)
Soar Over Asteroid Vesta in 3D
NASA / JPL-Caltech (USA)
Galaxy Mergers in the Early Universe
Ralf Kaehler and Tom Abel (USA)
Universe in a Coffee Cup      Takashi Sekitani (Japan)
Le Fantôme de l’Opéra (The Phantom of the Opera)(1929)(restored in 3D)
Carl Hernz (USA)
NVIDIA 3D Vision thriller     GALI-3D s.r.o. (Czech Republic)
Viu en 3D! (Live in 3D)       TV3, Televisió de Catalunya (Spain)
Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra 3D
KUK Filmproduktion and Fraunhofer HHI(Germany)
Monkey King                   Sight, Sound & Action and
Digital Magic Ltd(Hong Kong)
(NB: items in the demonstration category were not judged for the Best of Show or Honorary Mention awards)

The producers of the 2012 SD&A 3D Theater were Andrew Woods (Curtin University, Australia) and Chris Ward (Lightspeed Design, USA).  The SD&A 3D Theater session was projected in high-quality polarized 3D using equipment and services from DepthQ Stereoscopic, Christie Digital, Visitech 3D, and Strong MDI Screen Systems.  Additional support was provided by Dan Lawrence (Lightspeed Design) and John Stern (Intuitive Surgical Inc., retired).

The SD&A 3D Theater is the highest-attended session of the SD&A conference.  Many audience members commented afterwards about the high quality and diversity of the program, and expressed their appreciation at being able to see such a wide range of 3D content.


The purpose of the annual SD&A 3D Theater is to showcase the wide range of 3D content produced all around the world.  3D content segments shown in the 3D Theater session are usually limited to three minutes in length in order to allow a wide range of content to be screened in a limited time period.  The 3D Theater provides a useful focus on the more artistic and creative side of stereoscopic imaging in juxtaposition to the technical focus of some of the other sessions of the SD&A conference. The SD&A 3D Theater session was held on the evening of Monday 23 January 2012 at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport Hotel.

An illustrated listing of content shown during previous 3D Theater sessions is provided here:


A “3D mash-up” of content from previous years’ 3D Theater sessions can be found on YouTube3D courtesy of DepthQ: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r_d8aozFXLk


The 23rd annual Stereoscopic Displays and Applications (SD&A) conference was held 23-25 January 2012 at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport Hotel in Burlingame California.  SD&A is the largest and longest running technical conference dedicated to stereoscopic imaging, and is the world’s premier conference for 3D innovation.  At this year’s conference almost 100 technical manuscripts were presented, covering a wide range of stereoscopic imaging topics.  The SD&A conference is held as part of the annual Electronic Imaging Symposium organized by IS&T and SPIE.  The full program of the 2012 SD&A conference is available here: http://www.stereoscopic.org/2012/program.html

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