Beginner’s Guide to i3DSteroid and i3DCamera


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Instructions for using StereoPhoto Maker 4.34 to format images for the Hasbro My3D viewer


The Hasbro My3D stereoscopic viewer is a binocular viewer designed for viewing side-by-side 3-D images on iPhone and iPod Touch viewing screens. Originally introduced at US$35, as of this writing the price has dropped to US$25. However, it seems to have good quality lenses of 1” (25mm) diameter with about a 4” (101mm) focal length…. [Continue Reading]

The Cyclopital 3D Fujifilm W3 3D Camera Auxiliary Lens Adapter (ALA)


The Cyclopital 3D Fujifilm W3 3D Camera Auxiliary Lens Adapter (ALA) Cycloptial 3D ( ) has recently introduced two very interesting adapters for the Fuji W3 3D camera (by the time this is published there should also be a third adapter, and all three are also supposed to become available for the Fuji W1… [Continue Reading]

International 3D Society Presents 3D Technical Awards


On October 19, 2010, Susan Pinsky and I had the pleasure of attending the International 3D Society 2010 3D Technology Awards ceremonies at the Grauman’s Chinese Theater complex in Hollywood, CA. Also attending were LA3DCLUB members Ray Zone, Kathleen Fairweather, Jeff Amaral, Jon Schnitzer and Jinsha Moore, Shannon Benna, Eric Kurland, and John Hart. The… [Continue Reading]

Fuji FinePix Real 3-D W3


On September 1, 2010 Fujifilm released their second digital 3-D camera for sale in the US market the FinePix Real 3D W3. This was less than a year from the September 30, 2009 release of the W1 first model. (Why there is no W2 model must be a marketing decision.). There is a lot of… [Continue Reading]

Charles Phoenix and the Third Dimension

Charles Phoenix 3-D

A Live-Narrated 3-D Image show, projected in glorious polarized 3-D at the Downtown Independent Theater,  July 11 at 3pm. See for details and to buy tickets.

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