Baroque Now by Rik Panero


“Baroque Now – Bach’s Invention #13 for Recorder and Synthesizer” by Rik Panero

This video was made in the open source 3D animation program Blender, making extensive use of its nifty “array modifier” feature.  I’ve been making 3D occasionally since the late 1970s, first with a cardboard slider bar and my 110 film camera (conveniently my mother owned a stereoscope), then with a mirror attachment I made for my super 8 camera/projector from plans out of a 1950s 3D book from the library.  I then largely forgot about it until 3D computer graphics arrived.  I’ve worked on several modern 3D films including 2009′s “The Final Destination” (as “Stereoscopic Lead” for the all-CG end sequence) and the holiday 2010 release “Yogi Bear,” using Maya animation software.

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