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The LA3D Club website wants YOUR 3-D video.

Do you have a 3-D video on Youtube? We want to feature it here on the LA 3-D Club website for the WHOLE 3-D world to see! Please send your Youtube link to 3D@LA3DClub.com

NSA Convention 2012 Costa Mesa, CA Video

Tim and Dan perform Star Wars in 3D

Back in January, 2011, Tim and Dan from OK Go performed a scene from Star Wars for a vaudeville-style comedy show in Hollywood. They played Darth Vader and Princess Leia live on stage, and all of the other characters were rear-projected in 3-D. Glasses were provided to the audience, and there was much laughter. Directed… [Continue Reading]

Maker Faire Timelapse by Sean Isroelit

[HTML1] Shot with the GoPro 3-D camera kit, mounted on a custom built radio controlled mobile robot.

“Jsmooth Meister Watches” by Hunter Senftner

[HTML1] Jsmooth Meister Watches by Hunter Senftner Jsmooth knows what time it is, as he pops, glides, waves and finger tuts while sporting his limited edition Meister watch. Featured in Step up 3D and LXD, Jsmooth is a master in the zone that takes street dance beyond competition level. Checkout MeisterWatches.com for more premiere, limited… [Continue Reading]

“My Venice in 3D” by Tom Koester

[HTML1] My Venice in 3D by Tom Koester

Whatever Happened to Ro-Man? by Ray Zone

[HTML1] “Whatever Happened to Ro-Man?” by Ray Zone Have you ever wondered where the star of the 1953 3-D movie “Robot Monster” is today? In a revealing interview with Phyllis Tucker (Heidi Fielek), Ro-Man (Eric Kurland) discusses some of his challenges and frustrations in attempting to secure roles as a working actor in Hollywood. Written… [Continue Reading]

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