7th Annual LA 3-D Movie Fest Award Winners

7th Annual LA 3-D Movie Festival

The Los Angeles 3-D Club (SCSC) Movie Division is pleased to announce the winners of The 7th Annual LA 3-D Movie Festival. The Festival’s mission is to showcase the best independent stereoscopic 3-D filmmaking from around the world. The Festival took place on May 15th, 2010, at the Downtown Independent Theater in Los Angeles. Winners… [Continue Reading]

Blink-O-Scopes: Binocular Cinematography

Photography, motion pictures and stereography evolved simultaneously and many devices of optical wonder were created that conferred movement, depth and color on images with both simple and complex means. Even prior to the invention of photography the peep show and magic lantern were popular optical entertainments in which various showmen ingeniously incorporated depth and movement…. [Continue Reading]

Karl Struss: Stereo Pictorialist

One of the most noteworthy members the Stereo Division of the Photographic Society of America (PSA) and the Stereo Club of Southern California (SCSC) has ever had is Karl Struss. Most famous as the first cameraman (along with Charles Rosher) to win an Academy Award for Best Cinematography for the 1927 film Sunrise, directed by… [Continue Reading]

LA Weekly : Living in Stereo

by Matthew Duersten Reprinted from – LA Weekly September 5-11-03 SOMEWHERE IN A DESERT cemetery near Tempe, Arizona, stands the world’s first stereoscopic headstone. Depicting side-by-side cartoons of the late Tony Alderson that pop to three-dimensional life when viewed through binocular freevision, it marks the final resting place of a former president of the Stereo… [Continue Reading]


by Lawrence Kaufman IMAX and Lockheed Martin have done it again. SPACE STATION (2002) is their fifth collaboration following THE DREAM IS ALIVE (1985), BLUE PLANET (1990), DESTINY IN SPACE (1994) and MISSION TO MIR (1997). SPACE STATION is another strikingly beautiful and technically challenging film epic, plus the first-ever IMAX 3D film from space…. [Continue Reading]

Paul Wing – A Stereo Giant

It’s been a tough year for stereography. Within the past year we’ve lost several important long-time stereographers. Charles Piper, author of the “The Technical Page” for the 3D News of the Stereo Club of Southern California (SCSC), left us late in 2001. George Skelley, veteran stereo photographer and maker of stereo mounts as well as… [Continue Reading]

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