Unpeeling “Top Banana” And Finding Answers About The 3D Movie That Slipped Away

Top Ban half sheet

Th This article is only possible due to the extensive research by film historian Robert Furmanek. Thank you Bob for all the research and restorations by you and the 3-D Film Archive. It’s long been known that “Top Banana” (1954) was a lost 3D film. At the World 3-D Film Expo II, it was announced… [Continue Reading]

Baroque Now by Rik Panero

[HTML1] “Baroque Now – Bach’s Invention #13 for Recorder and Synthesizer” by Rik Panero This video was made in the open source 3D animation program Blender, making extensive use of its nifty “array modifier” feature.  I’ve been making 3D occasionally since the late 1970s, first with a cardboard slider bar and my 110 film camera… [Continue Reading]

The Santa Monica Pier in 3-D by Stephen Les

[HTML1] “The Santa Monica Pier in 3-D” by Stephen Les This was my first effort at shooting and editing in 3D.  The Fuji W1 was an excellent option that allowed me to shoot simply, and start to learn the rules of 3D.  I chose the pier because I felt there was a lot of movement… [Continue Reading]

Eric Kurland

An award-winning filmmaker, President of the LA 3-D Club, and Director of the LA 3-D Movie Festival, I work out of a Secret Underground Lair in LA, consulting on 3-D projects from development through exhibition. Clients include Nat Geo, Nintendo, and NASA/JPL. My 3-D music videos for the band OK Go include Grammy nominee “All… [Continue Reading]

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