9th Annual LA 3-D Movie Festival Announces Winners


The Los Angeles 3-D Club (SCSC) is pleased to announce the winners of The 9th Annual LA 3-D Movie Festival, whose mission is to showcase the best independent stereoscopic 3-D filmmaking from around the world. The festival took place on Dec 14th-16th, 2012, at the Downtown Independent Theater in Los Angeles. Awards were presented at… [Continue Reading]

3-D Movie Screening on Sunday Jan. 15th – NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD 3D: RE-ANIMATION


Be among the first to see NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD 3D: RE-ANIMATION, the prequel to the 2006 cult hit, in a special sneak preview screening presented by the LA 3-D Club on Sunday, January 15th at the Downtown Independent. In NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD 3D: RE-ANIMATION, pyrophobic mortician Gerald Tovar, Jr. (ANDREW DIVOFF) inherits the… [Continue Reading]

3-D is coming back to the Big Bear Lake Film Fest


For the fifth year in a row, the LA 3-D Club has been invited to participate in the Big Bear Lake International Film Festival, which runs from September 15th-18th. The LA 3-D Club will once again bring select award-winning shorts from the LA 3-D Movie Festival’s international competitions to Big Bear Lake, and this time… [Continue Reading]

June Meeting 6/16 “Best of the Fest”


June LA 3-D Club meeting to feature “Best of the Fest” The June meeting of the LA 3-D Club has traditionally been a ‘movie night’ featuring a program of video presentations. This month, on June 16th, join us at the Armory Center for the Arts for a special evening of award winning films from the… [Continue Reading]

Werner Herzog’s Cave of Forgotten Dreams

Werner Herzog’s Cave of Forgotten Dreams is not your typical Hollywood 3D entertainment and it’s worth the time, effort and money to see it, if for nothing else, to get the experience of being in that cave. It’s a documentary about the oldest cave paintings ever discovered, the Chauvet cave system in southern France discovered in 1993. The last humans were there 28,000 years… [Continue Reading]

Movie Review — “Rio” 3D

Now here is a movie to which I must confess I have a prejudice — I am a small parrot owner!  As such, I can state with much delight that the parrot characters in the story are “spot on,” with some exaggeration you would expect for a cartoon, of course!  One such exaggeration, the varied… [Continue Reading]

Movie Review — “Gnomeo and Juliet” 3D

Ever wonder what those lawn ornaments (the ones that look like refugees from a fairy story) do in their spare time when you are not around?  “Gnomeo and Juliet,” a skilfully animated 3D romp, proposes that they may be reworking a classic Shakespeare plot into a story that contains no resemblance to the original Shakespeare… [Continue Reading]

Inexpensive but High Quality 3D Theater

Sick of the exorbitant prices being charged for 3D movie showings?  Well, for a very refreshing change, I attended a showing of “Gnomeo and Juliet” in RealD at the 2nd run Starplex La Mirada Movies 7 Theater, at 15296 Rosecrans Avenue, La Mirada, CA 90638, tel. (714) 739-1010 (Actually, in spite of its address, the… [Continue Reading]

Putting 3D content on YouTube

Youtube recently posted instructions on how to properly post your 3-D videos to play with the YT3D player. From the Youtube help page: Putting 3-D content on YouTube YouTube supports stereo 3D video: video containing two streams, one for each eye. In order for a video to be viewable in 3D on YouTube, it must… [Continue Reading]

The Film From Hell: by Lenny Lipton


THE FILM FROM HELL By Lenny Lipton The first money my new company StereoGraphics made in 1981 was from my consulting fees working on a 3-D movie called Rottweiler: Dogs from Hell. Chris Condon, the president of StereoVision International (which was a Burbank-based supplier of stereoscopic optics for the motion picture film industry), and StereoGraphics… [Continue Reading]

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