3-D SPACE Grand Opening Reception This Wednesday Night



Please reserve your spot in the group visit to LACMA’s 3D: Double Vision Select Your Rate (includes service fee) Adults $18.72 USD Seniors (62+ with ID) $14.63 USD Students (18+ with valid ID) $14.63 USD

LA 3-D Club Special Meeting Event July 29


There is NO regular meeting at the Pasadena Armory in July. Rather, join us on Sunday July 29 for a full day of 3-D experiences. The LA County Museum of Art has opened their new major exhibit dedicated to stereoscopy, 3D:Double Vision. We are able to get a special group rate for the LA 3-D… [Continue Reading]

LA 3-D Club Wins Award


The LA 3-D CLUB was awarded first place in the Photographic Society of America’s International Stereo Club Competition!

Enter the 2017/2018 Image of the Year Competition

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For entry into the 2017-2018 LA 3D Club Image of the Year Competition and Show, please: 1. Select 5 stereo images you submitted in Club competitions from October 2017 through May 2018. The images may be any combination of the categories, Standard, and/or CGI/Art. Your submissions must be the same digital images you submitted originally… [Continue Reading]

MOONGLOW – THE LIVES 3-D Screening 4/22


Please upgrade your browser MOONGLOW – THE LIVES 3-D Screening 3-D SPACE presents a special screening of the new South Korean musical documentary MOONGLOW – THE LIVES. Korea’s first generation Jazz Players have dedicated their entire lives to jazz. At the age of 80 they are still youths pursuing their dreams. The 3-D movie portraits… [Continue Reading]

February Meeting 2/15 LATER START TIME – 8PM!


FEBRUARY MEETING STARTS AT 8PM DUE TO SCHEDULED EVENT AT ARMORY LA 3-D Movie Festival Award Winners in February The next regular meeting of the Los Angeles 3-D Club will be Thursday, February 16,  8:00-10:00pm at the Armory Center For the Arts 145 N. Raymond, Pasadena, CA 91103. THE ARMORY HAS A SCHEDULED EVENT PRIOR TO OUR… [Continue Reading]

14th Annual LA 3-D Movie Festival Wrap-Up

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Please upgrade your browser 3-D SPACE, Stereo Sisters, and the LA 3-D Club are pleased to announce the winners of The 14th Annual LA 3-D Movie Festival. The festival’s mission is to showcase the best independent stereoscopic 3-D filmmaking from around the world. This year’s fest took place on Dec 16th-17th, 2017 at the Downtown… [Continue Reading]

PSA Hollywood Exhibition 2017 – ENTRY UPLOADER IS NOW CLOSED


The 58th Hollywood International Stereo Exhibition – 2017 All stereo photographers are invited to enter the annual Hollywood Exhibition The Hollywood Exhibition is a photography contest sanctioned by PSA (meaning acceptances and awards count towards PSA star ratings and other honors).  It is open to everyone, whether or not they are members of the PSA, the LA 3-D… [Continue Reading]

3-D Halloween Screening at the Downtown Independent 10/15 7:30pm


3-D SPACE presents a special screening of the Russian 3-D horror/fantasy film VIY to celebrate Halloween. From Russian director Oleg Stepchenko featuring Jason Flemyng (X-Men: First Class) and Game of Thrones star Charles Dance, VIY is loosely based on the short story of the same name by Russian fantasy writer Nikolai Gogol, Viy is set in the 18th century. Cartographer… [Continue Reading]

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