3-D Trailer Park – Sunday, January 19th, 2014


Join us as we take a look at a variety of trailers from recent and upcoming 3-D Hollywood features FREE for current LA3DClub members $5 at the door for non-members (admission is waived with USC Student ID) 3-D Trailer Park Sunday, January 19th, 2014, 2pm Downtown Independent Theater 251 S. Main St., Los Angeles, CA… [Continue Reading]

Happy New Year!



I had the pleasure recently of attending two 3-D movies on the same day, with about an hour and a half between them to digest the first before becoming absorbed in the second.  Both were commendable, but entirely different in practically every way imaginable, dramatically illustrating the huge palette of writing and production tools available… [Continue Reading]

Review: “Flight of the Butterflies” a MUST SEE!


Whether or not you are familiar with the amazing story of the Monarch Butterfly and its super-generation that migrates from Canada to Mexico, the factual story of how this migration was discovered and proven should enthrall the most jaded documentary movie goer.  But best of all, in this giant screen IMAX production, currently being shown on the… [Continue Reading]

Hollywood Exhibition Entry Period is Closed


The 55th Hollywood International Stereo Exhibition – 2013 All stereo photographers are invited to enter the annual Hollywood Exhibition The Hollywood Exhibition is a photography contest sanctioned by PSA (meaning acceptances and awards count towards PSA star ratings and other honors).  It is open to everyone, whether or not they are members of the PSA, the… [Continue Reading]

An Afternoon With Bob Burns – A Halloween Legend In 3-D!


An Afternoon With Bob Burns – A Halloween Legend In 3-D! Sunday, October 20th, 2:00 pm at the Downtown Independent Join Bob Burns, legendary Halloween haunter and original Ghost Buster (Tracy the Gorilla from Filmation’s “The Ghost Busters”) as he revisits his monster memories from the last 60 years, as captured in 3-D photos. Bob… [Continue Reading]

Poppy: 3-D for your iPhone

A big THANK YOU to Ethan Lowry for coming down from Santa Barbara to demonstrate the prototype of his new 3-D device, the POPPY at our June meeting last week. The POPPY is an optical device that turns an iPhone into a combination 3-D camera and viewer. Ethan hopes to have the device in production… [Continue Reading]

Movie Review of “Jack the Giant Slayer”


Movie Review of “Jack the Giant Slayer” 3-D Version If you are looking for some good 3-D fun in a current (or second run reduced rate) movie, “Jack the Giant Slayer” might be a pleasant surprise for you.  The surprise is that this is not strictly a children’s story the way it is presented, although… [Continue Reading]

LA 3-D Club 2013 Awards Banquet 8/15 – Tickets Available


Menu Choice Coc au Vin $40.00 USD Beef Bourguignon $40.00 USD Pasta Monegasque $40.00 USD

3-DIY Open Screen – Sunday, May 26

3daudience at the Independent by David Starkman(3)

3-DIY Open Screen – May 26th, 2013 On Sunday, May 26th, the LA 3-D Club will hold it’s quarterly “3-DIY Open Screen”. We invite you to bring your own stereoscopic video on hard drive, flash drive or optical drive, to add to the potluck of 3-D content. We are able to play many file based… [Continue Reading]

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