Review: “Flight of the Butterflies” a MUST SEE!


Whether or not you are familiar with the amazing story of the Monarch Butterfly and its super-generation that migrates from Canada to Mexico, the factual story of how this migration was discovered and proven should enthrall the most jaded documentary movie goer.  But best of all, in this giant screen IMAX production, currently being shown on the… [Continue Reading]

Poppy: 3-D for your iPhone

A big THANK YOU to Ethan Lowry for coming down from Santa Barbara to demonstrate the prototype of his new 3-D device, the POPPY at our June meeting last week. The POPPY is an optical device that turns an iPhone into a combination 3-D camera and viewer. Ethan hopes to have the device in production… [Continue Reading]

Movie Review of “Jack the Giant Slayer”


Movie Review of “Jack the Giant Slayer” 3-D Version If you are looking for some good 3-D fun in a current (or second run reduced rate) movie, “Jack the Giant Slayer” might be a pleasant surprise for you.  The surprise is that this is not strictly a children’s story the way it is presented, although… [Continue Reading]

Fabulous 3D A-to-Z Book Available at Large Discount to 3D Club Members

Last month in the 3-D NEWS you read Lawrence Kaufman’s positive review of 3D A-to-Z, byRichard Kroon. This is a book so good that I am submitting my own review in depth for the LA 3D Club web site. To begin with, this is a book that should be purchased by any 3D imaging enthusiast… [Continue Reading]

Beginner’s Guide to i3DSteroid and i3DCamera


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Martin Scorsese’s “Hugo”

“HUGO” is the film we 3-D enthusiasts have been waiting decades for!!! DON’T MISS THIS FILM!! It’s got everything, and virtually every detail is done to perfection. Technically it’s perfect, dimensionally it’s subtle and thrilling every moment. Even the gorgeous distant shots (of Paris, no less) are hyperstereo, but perfectly comfortable to view. The historical… [Continue Reading]

Green 3-D Glasses

3-D just became eco-friendly! Earth friendly products and concepts are important. The modern era of 3-D arrived in November 2005 with the release of “Chicken Little” and the number of theaters that have gone 3-D has mushroomed along with the number of movies being released in 3-D. There’s been a sharp increase in the number of… [Continue Reading]

Instructions for using StereoPhoto Maker 4.34 to format images for the Hasbro My3D viewer


The Hasbro My3D stereoscopic viewer is a binocular viewer designed for viewing side-by-side 3-D images on iPhone and iPod Touch viewing screens. Originally introduced at US$35, as of this writing the price has dropped to US$25. However, it seems to have good quality lenses of 1” (25mm) diameter with about a 4” (101mm) focal length…. [Continue Reading]

Werner Herzog’s Cave of Forgotten Dreams

Werner Herzog’s Cave of Forgotten Dreams is not your typical Hollywood 3D entertainment and it’s worth the time, effort and money to see it, if for nothing else, to get the experience of being in that cave. It’s a documentary about the oldest cave paintings ever discovered, the Chauvet cave system in southern France discovered in 1993. The last humans were there 28,000 years… [Continue Reading]

Movie Review — “Rio” 3D

Now here is a movie to which I must confess I have a prejudice — I am a small parrot owner!  As such, I can state with much delight that the parrot characters in the story are “spot on,” with some exaggeration you would expect for a cartoon, of course!  One such exaggeration, the varied… [Continue Reading]

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