LG Passive 3-D TV


Review of LG 50LA6970 Passive 3-D TV (Applies to similar LG LCD “Smart” Passive 3-D TVs) I have had this TV now for over 6 months. At the time I bought it from Sam’s Club, it cost well under $700, and I paid under $100 for a Sony Blu­ray player, capable of playing 3-D Blu­ray movies, to… [Continue Reading]

Poppy: 3-D for your iPhone

A big THANK YOU to Ethan Lowry for coming down from Santa Barbara to demonstrate the prototype of his new 3-D device, the POPPY at our June meeting last week. The POPPY is an optical device that turns an iPhone into a combination 3-D camera and viewer. Ethan hopes to have the device in production… [Continue Reading]

Beginner’s Guide to i3DSteroid and i3DCamera


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Green 3-D Glasses

3-D just became eco-friendly! Earth friendly products and concepts are important. The modern era of 3-D arrived in November 2005 with the release of “Chicken Little” and the number of theaters that have gone 3-D has mushroomed along with the number of movies being released in 3-D. There’s been a sharp increase in the number of… [Continue Reading]

Instructions for using StereoPhoto Maker 4.34 to format images for the Hasbro My3D viewer


The Hasbro My3D stereoscopic viewer is a binocular viewer designed for viewing side-by-side 3-D images on iPhone and iPod Touch viewing screens. Originally introduced at US$35, as of this writing the price has dropped to US$25. However, it seems to have good quality lenses of 1” (25mm) diameter with about a 4” (101mm) focal length…. [Continue Reading]

The Cyclopital 3D Fujifilm W3 3D Camera Auxiliary Lens Adapter (ALA)


The Cyclopital 3D Fujifilm W3 3D Camera Auxiliary Lens Adapter (ALA) Cycloptial 3D ( www.cyclopital3d.com ) has recently introduced two very interesting adapters for the Fuji W3 3D camera (by the time this is published there should also be a third adapter, and all three are also supposed to become available for the Fuji W1… [Continue Reading]

Fuji FinePix Real 3-D W3


On September 1, 2010 Fujifilm released their second digital 3-D camera for sale in the US market the FinePix Real 3D W3. This was less than a year from the September 30, 2009 release of the W1 first model. (Why there is no W2 model must be a marketing decision.). There is a lot of… [Continue Reading]

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