Enter the 2015/2016 Image of the Year Competition

For entry into the 2015-2016 LA 3D Club Image of the Year Competition and Show, please:
1. Select 5 stereo images you submitted in Club competitions from September 2015 through May 2016. The images may be any combination of the 3 categories, Standard, and/or Modified, and/or CGI/Art. Your submissions must be the same digital images you submitted originally in club competition.
2.  For submission of your entries, use the Competition Uploader. If any of your images is a “Modified Category” image, on the Uploader please type “MOD ” at the beginning of that image title. The Uploader will be open for images through June 30th. All entered images will comprise the entire digital “Image of the Year” show at the Annual Banquet in August.
3. In addition to the IMAGE OF THE YEAR 1st. 2nd, and 3rd PLACE AWARDS, all entries are considered for 6 special awards :
1) Best Landscape for the best portrayal of scenic wonders around the world.
2) All Creatures Great and Small for the best use of animals (not plants or humans).
3) Best People or Person.
4) Most Innovative for the image displaying the most unusual creativity or departure from reality.
5) Most Humorous.
6) The Most Promising New Member Award for the entire group of not less than 5 images submitted by a new member (all 5 images are considered as a group for this award). All new members with less than 2 years in the club are automatically eligible for this award.
After the above awards have been selected, the judges will choose a suitable number of additional images for Honorable Mentions.
4.  Your images will be considered for all these awards, but no image will receive more than one award (except that a winning image may also be part of the Most Promising New Member group). Note: MODIFIED CATEGORY (“MOD”) images are not eligible for First Place Award.
5.  Permission to reproduce your image is assumed (to use your winning image in our newsletter, website, etc. in order to promote the LA 3D Club and 3D photography), unless you specify otherwise by email or other written notification.
If you have any questions, please contact Oliver Dean by email at 3dimages@sbcglobal.net or by phone at (310) 635-2400 (24 hours), or see us at the June meeting.

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