Hollywood Exhibition Showings

The 54th Hollywood International Stereo Exhibition 2012

San Diego Stereo Club … March 28, 2012
Stereo Club of Southern California … April 19, 2012
Other clubs as they can be scheduled … TBA
National Stereoscopic Association Convention … July 2011

Only One Section:

Hollywood Chairperson
Ed Ogawa

John E. Hart, Sunland, CA – stereo exhibitor
David Kuntz, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA – stereo exhibitor
Barry Rothstein, Long Beach, CA – stereo exhibitor
Alternate: Bob Kneisel, Pasadena, CA – stereo exhibitor

The PSA Stereo Division Gold Medal
Hollywood SCSC Silver Exhibition Medal
Hollywood SCSC Bronze Exhibition Medal
Honorable Mention Ribbons

The filename should be the same as the image title, alphanumeric only, no punctuation, without your name.
One JPEG file per image-pair, side-by-side, left on left, right on right, no margins, no line down the middle.
Images will be re-sampled by the projection system to 1400 x 1050 pixels maximum, each eye; 2800 x 1050 total for the stereo pair.
Please wait patiently for your files to upload. Do not navigate away from the uploader page. It will take several minutes.

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