Inexpensive but High Quality 3D Theater

Sick of the exorbitant prices being charged for 3D movie showings?  Well, for a very refreshing change, I attended a showing of “Gnomeo and Juliet” in RealD at the 2nd run Starplex La Mirada Movies 7 Theater, at 15296 Rosecrans Avenue, La Mirada, CA 90638, tel. (714) 739-1010 (Actually, in spite of its address, the theater is accessed from Adelfa, with its entrance about a block south of Rosecrans).

Admission is only $2.00, with $2.00 extra for 3D, whether you are adult, senior or child, for matinees or evenings.  On Tuesdays, the basic admission is only $1 instead of $2.  And the quality of the 3D?  They had two shows in 3D, and the one I attended was excellent!  The man in charge told us that they had just installed a new screen for the 3D, and was pleased with the result.  So were we!  Although the screen size wasn’t quite as large as in first-run Edwards theaters,  the size could be compensated for easily by just sitting a few rows closer. The sound was more than acceptable, and the picture was as bright, colorful, and sharp as the best first-run RealD presentation I have seen anywhere else!

What a bargain!  The savings of about $17 on two 3D tickets ($8 as opposed to the $25 or so charged by most 1st run theaters) would be far more than the additional gasoline cost for most people to drive to La Mirada, would encourage a great theater to play more 3D, and might encourage other theaters to do the same thing.  Carpool and save even more! Go when there is a good 3D movie playing there.  And if you like it as much as I did, please tell us and your friends about it!


  1. Todd Erwin says:

    With the mandatory conversion to digital cinema, many of the independents and 2nd run houses are not only switching to digital projection, they are adding a few 3D screens to their multiplexes. Starplex has at least two locations in SoCal that are real bargains (La Mirada and Irvine Woodbridge), and the good news is that they use RealD. There is also a small, local chain called Starlight that shows first-run movies at almost 2nd run prices, including 3D. Last summer, they took over the Edwards Triangle Square 8 in Costa Mesa, and were able to complete their remodel in time to host the Newport Beach Film Festival this past April (and it looks like they will be hosting the festival again in 2012). Ticket prices are very reasonable, with an evening show costing $9.00 with only a $2.00 3D surcharge. Better yet, Tuesdays and Thursdays are $4.00 for all seats, all shows, with the same $2.00 3D surcharge. $6.00 to see a first-run movie in 3D!!

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