June 5th, 8pm, 3-D Movie Night – Ocean Voyagers

On June 5, 2011, mammoth humpback whales and the vast blue of the Pacific come to life in full stereoscopic 3D when the LA 3-D Club (SCSC) presents the Los Angeles premiere of Ocean Voyagers 3D at the prestigious Downtown Independent Theater. A joint effort between Feodor Pitcairn Productions and 3D superpower PassmoreLab, Ocean Voyagers 3D is an exciting adventure where hardship pushes endurance to the brink, danger lurks around every bend, and where love knows no bounds.

Narrated by Oscar, Golden Globe and Emmy Award winning actress Meryl Streep, and filmed over a 5-year span in the waters of French Polynesia, Hawaii, Alaska and beyond, the film follows a mother humpback whale and her newborn calf in a “coming of age” journey for the neonate giant.

“The heart of this film is really the relationship between our humpback mother and her calf, “remarks filmmaker Feo Pitcairn, “we had unprecedented access to these animals, filming them day after day, we established a real bond of trust. This enabled us to get rare and intimate footage, like the calf nursing and the mother resting on the sandy floor of the ocean. We’re very excited to premiere the film in 3D in the Downtown Independent Theater — seeing this footage on a big screen in 3D is the closest thing to experiencing first hand what we experienced while filming them underwater.”

“Rarely does a movie capture the essence of motherhood in the wild like Ocean Voyagers 3D, ”Producer, Laura Orthwein asserts.

This film is a stirring testament to not only the strength, grace and beauty of these animals, but also a revelation of all the challenges they face, both natural and man-made. They must persevere through months without food, journeys of thousands of miles, and predation by shark attack — as well as the threat of commercial whaling and entanglement in fishing gear. Moreover, Ocean Voyagers 3D includes rare footage of never-before-seen behavior of these powerful animals in their most intimate of moments.

“…seeing these animals behaving naturally in their environment, interacting with one-another as only this film could allow, is truly something else,” says Greg Passmore of PassmoreLab, “…the images are hauntingly beautiful, fascinatingly imaginative.”

Coupled with spectacular imagery is Ocean Voyagers 3D’s stellar soundtrack with stereo recordings of the humpback whale’s mystic song over a backdrop of gorgeously composed music by Grant McLachlan.

“The goal [in composing the music] was to collect the essence of the ocean, and the humpback whale,” says McLachlan “… to truly capture the might of these majestic animals, while accentuating their more tender appeal.” The combination of stirring visuals, captivating sound and music, and strong thematic elements makes Ocean Voyagers 3D a timeless experience for the whole family to enjoy.

Ocean Voyagers 3D will also have a private premiere in New York on Saturday June 4th, hosted by Dimitris Athos. For information in attending the New York event please contact producer Laura Orthwein.

PassmoreLab is a San Diego-based multi-media production studio that specializes in 3D production. The studio custom-designs and builds its own 3D camera rigs for both conventional and rugged film productions. PassmoreLab’s vast library of 3D titles includes: feature films, television programs, science and sports documentaries and music videos. Its state-of- the-art facilities include a full 3D production studio, video/film post- production, optical development lab, and a software development environment. In addition, PassmoreLab’s proprietary technology for 2D-to-3D video and film conversion is unmatched in the entertainment industry, in both affordability and turnaround times. Visit www.passmorelab.com.

Feodor Pitcairn Productions, Ltd: Founded in 1977, FPP is an independent production company featuring the work of diver, naturalist and underwater cinematographer Feodor Pitcairn. FPP was an early pioneer in the use of High-Definition technology in the underwater environment, originating and releasing Sperm Whale Oasis and Realm of the Killer Whales in HD in 2000. FPP was commissioned by the Smithsonian to create the Ocean Odyssey exhibit for the Sant Ocean Hall, which opened in 2008 at the National Museum of Natural History in Washington D.C. The installation consists of eight HD projections wrapping more than 220 feet around the interior of the space. www.feodorpitcairnproductions.com

Come check out LA’s only Indie-Friendly 3-D cinema. We hope to see you there!

Sunday, June 5th, 2011
Downtown Independent Theater
251 S. Main St., Los Angeles, CA 90012

8pm – Ocean Voyagers 3D + Q&A

$5 for current LA3DClub members
$10 for non-members (admission is waived with USC Student ID)

Note: Street parking in downtown LA is free on Sundays. Paid parking is available at
many parking lots in the adjacent area. The theater is also only several blocks from the
MTA Red, Purple and Gold Lines.

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