9th Annual LA 3-D Movie Fest: Passes Are Now On Sale!

December 14-16, 2012
Passes Are Now On Sale!


  1. phyllis Maslin says:

    I would love to submit a film but this page is blank, any suggestions?

  2. Mike Weissman says:

    Com’on, guys. I come here because “Passes are now on sale!” and find “Call for entries” and no info about tickets or program. It is now the 10th and I cannot find the program. Is the event still happening in 4 days??

  3. Eric Kurland says:

    That’s odd. The festival program has been posted and we’ve been selling passes through the website since last week. I just checked on two different computers and the information is there. I’m not sure why you’re seeing the old call for entries page. Have you tried refreshing your cache?

  4. Mike Weissman says:

    Yes, this is really weird, Eric. I have refreshed the page, re-opened your website, tried different links, etc., and I still get the “call for entries” page when I enter “http://la3dclub.com/la3dfest” into Safari on my iPad. But, when I enter the same URL into Safari on my Mac, I get the “Passes are now on sale” page with all the full info about the event. Huh?? Must be an iPad thing… Thanks for all you (and others) do to put on these events!

  5. Eric Kurland says:

    Ah, now I get it. iPads are not Flash enabled, so it was redirecting back to the non-flash version of the site which hadn’t had its link updated. Should be fixed now.

  6. Chris Casady says:

    Will there be any revealing or disclosing of the film titles that make up the two Saturday programs of Short films in Competition?
    What would one expect to see in these shows? Music videos? commercial films, art films, DIY films, Animation, CGI, student films, foreign films? Some things seen at NSA Costa Mesa earlier this year? Just curious.

  7. Eric Kurland says:

    The complete film list has been posted for several days. Just click on the SHORTS tab above.

  8. Bob Venezia says:

    Are the competition results posted somewhere?

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