March Club Meeting 3/19 – Photo Competition

4th Competition of the 2019-2020 Year

The March meeting of the Los Angeles 3-D Club will be Thursday, March 19th, 2020, 7:15-9:45pm at the Armory Center For the Arts 145 N. Raymond, Pasadena, CA 91103.

The evening will include the 4th competition of the LA 3-D Club year. The special theme for this month is People. Club members may enter their images into the competition by using the UPLOADER which will be available online until 11:59pm on March 18.

2019 -20 Competition Schedule:
September: 1st Competition: theme - WINDOW(S)
November: 2nd Competition: theme - TALL
January: 3rd Competition: theme - LOVE
March: 4th Competition: theme - PEOPLE
May: 5th Competition: theme - COLD

In addition to the competition, the meeting will feature a mini workshop:

Creating Images For Facebook3D and Looking Glass Using Depth Maps In SPM
Presenter: Eric Kurland
Stereo Photo Maker recently added a feature to generate depth maps from stereo pairs. This feature allows the creation of images that can be displayed on Facebook in the FB3D format, and that can be extrapolated into multiple views for display on the Looking Glass autostereoscopic display. We’ll go through the steps to prepare your pictures for these formats and look at the various methods to view these pictures via computer, cell phone, VR headset, and Looking Glass.

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