Martin Scorsese’s “Hugo”

“HUGO” is the film we 3-D enthusiasts have been waiting decades for!!! DON’T MISS THIS FILM!! It’s got everything, and virtually every detail is done to perfection. Technically it’s perfect, dimensionally it’s subtle and thrilling every moment. Even the gorgeous distant shots (of Paris, no less) are hyperstereo, but perfectly comfortable to view. The historical aspects of the story are close to totally true (a few details have been changed to make the story work, but could have been true). Historically it’s fascinating for individuals of ALL ages!

The birth of cinema and Georges Melies – one of the great legends of filmmaking is recognized for his tremendous accomplishments in very, very early special effects, color tinting, and exciting storytelling. Told through the eyes and perspectives of two children, this film doesn’t miss a single market interest. Every parent and child, senior and teenager will find this adventurous, delicious, gratifying, electrifying and moving. Both my husband, David Starkman, and I were in tears by the end with the exceptional writing of each character, and yet we were offered such a feast of visual and dimensional creations.

Martin Scorsese we salute you, we thank you, we commend you for doing what film, 3-D, history, and parents are looking for in today’s filmgoing choices. We’ve seen it once and will see it again.

Now, if only the theaters didn’t gouge you every time for the EXTRA cost of 3-D glasses. We still have ours from previous films. Why do we have to pay an extra $3.50 charge to see another 3-D film if we bring our own (already paid for) 3-D specs? Lets see another hit for 3-D, but not penalize the viewer each time for that wonderful, natural third dimension.
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