MOONGLOW – THE LIVES 3-D Screening 4/22

3-D SPACE presents a special screening of the new South Korean musical documentary MOONGLOW – THE LIVES.

Korea’s first generation Jazz Players have dedicated their entire lives to jazz. At the age of 80 they are still youths pursuing their dreams. The 3-D movie portraits the lives of these remarkable musicians and takes us on an extraordinary musical journey.

The production of moonglow faced many challenges and the result is a 3-D monument and historical document for the Korean Jazz history.

“We believe, we will give the audience really the feeling of taking part in the extraordinary performances of the Korean first generation Jazz players. We did not know that before the end of the postproduction of our movie, the Moonglow would have to be closed down, due to financial circumstances. We are happy and proud to have preserved one of these unique moments of Korean Jazz history, and make it available to many people through our movie.”

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