Movie Review of “Jack the Giant Slayer”

Movie Review of “Jack the Giant Slayer”

3-D Version

If you are looking for some good 3-D fun in a current (or second run reduced rate) movie, “Jack the Giant Slayer” might be a pleasant surprise for you.  The surprise is that this is not strictly a children’s story the way it is presented, although the basic outline of the

classic tale remains more or less intact. The writers have added a number of additional elements which fill out the story into an adventure suitable for the elaborate treatment Hollywood can now expand into a 114-minute, live action plus CGI 3-D spectacle. Although some may still consider this a slightly juvenile story, I enjoyed the 3-D mind-candy of the growing beanstalk and the thoroughly disgusting giants in the fantasy land at the top.  (I got a kick out of one of the giants, who was so gross that he got both

amused and horrified reactions from different members of the families in the audience.)  But don’t expect any complex characters or profound philosophies or innovative insights into human nature.  This is totally escapist adventure, not a bid for cinematic immortality.

The 3-D combination of live action with CGI to my uncritical eye appeared seamless and amazing. Although there was little use of negative space, the 3-D seemed very effective, especially those scenes involving the beanstalk, and most of my memories of it include the stereoscopic element. There are plenty of spectacular scenes, some slight humor, and typical adventure plot complications to keep you interested.  The competent acting and directing rounds the whole thing out into a performance worthy of your time spent.  However, it might be a bit scary or violent (and gross!) for little children; I would recommend it only for kids 8 or older, although sophisticated younger ones might handle it without being unduly disturbed.

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