Saturday Session Workshop: Advanced Editing with StereoPhotoMaker

Advanced Editing with StereoPhotoMaker

Go to Saturday, May 22nd @ 10am Pacific time

“While many of us use StereoPhoto Maker (SPM) all the time for just aligning, cropping and setting the stereo window on our photos, it can do much, much more. In this workshop I’ll cover two features which are somewhat advanced, but still very useful.  These are the various distortion correction features, and the rounded and fuzzy border option.

I actually use the distortion correction features in SPM quite a bit. The simplest adjustment you can perform with it is simply to rotate an image. I find I do this often to straighten out a horizon.  But, I also frequently use the perspective and lens distortion correction capabilities. For example, I shot this image of a pagoda from ground level looking up, and as a result, it has quite a bit of perspective distortion.

K:Downloads & UploadsKuntz Straight Fig original 2.JPG

I decided that I didn’t want that in my final image, so I corrected it out with SPM. Easily!

K:Downloads & UploadsKuntz Straight Fig 7.JPG

The rounded and fuzzy border option enables you to produce all sorts of useful effects. For example, you can make a simple, colored border (with a slightly rounded corner), like in my snail image.

Or apply a kind of vignette effect, as I’ve done with this dandelion.

K:SCSCSSA2017-2Kuntz - Rounded Corners 7.JPG

I’ll explain it all in my workshop. I hope to see you there.” -David Kuntz

The May 22nd workshop will also be augmented by Steve Berezin. Steve will present on barrel distortion and stereo pair to grayscale conversion utilizing StereoPhoto Maker as well.

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