No collection is complete without this incredible assortment of rare material. The SCSC DVD contains well over one hour of 3-D fun, including short films, videos and computer generated imagery.  Plus, its field sequential 3-D format can be viewed with readily available, inexpensive hardware.  Get your copy now!

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The SCSC 3-D DVD contains clips from the following 3-D movies and videos:

SCSC 3-D Olypmpics — Bill Shepard Nature Trail — Owen Western Weekend Panorama — Ray Hannisian Hot Air Ballooning in the Colorado Rockies — Ray Hannisian Travels in Guatemala — VRex Concerto in 3-D — Oliver Dean An Afternoon of Culture at the Dorothy Chandler — Ray Zone Main Street Electrical Parade — Al Razutis Meditations –Al Razutis Nagual — Al Razutis Virtual Flesh — Al Razutis Statues — Larry Ashley Skate 3-D — Stereomedia Productions New Dimensions in Transportation — Ray Hannisian A Night at the Opera — Ray Hannisian Utah’s Canyon Lands, Baja Peninsula — VRex Robo Jones — Ron Labbe A Better Mousetrap — VRex Elysium — Don Radovich Terror in the Archives — VRex V-Rex Promo Reel — VRex Space Rescue — VRex Wreck of the Rhone — i-Art Corp. Fairy Tale — Aaron Ross Cruise the Circuit — Ray Hannisian A Virtual Visit to New York — Tom Riederer Ocean Adventure — Harold Baize Burning Man 3-D: A Burning Question — Peter G. Hanson Make Your Mark

Plus the following bonus material:

John Hart Getting into 3-D Movies — Alan Williams The Bolex Stereo 16mm — Larry Brown The Elgeet Stereo 16mm — Scott Stephen Direct Anaglyph — David Starkman & Susan Pinsky The Formation of the SCSC Movie Division — Owen Western Over/Under Elmo Super 8mm — Bill Shepard The Powell Unit for Over/Under Super 8mm — Oliver Dean Consumer 3-D Video — Ray Zone The 3-D Oeuvre

73 minutes running time, Color, NTSC, 4:3, 3-D Field Sequential, English

Don’t have the hardware to view 3-D video?

It’s easy and inexpensive to get started. You can get all the necessary equipment for less than $30. Check out the following links to learn more:


  1. Jeff Richards says:

    I would love to join up and purchase items, including the SDSD DVD, online. but I had an extremely bitter episode in 2014 with eBay and Paypal. They are crooks. Upshot was that I had to cancel Paypal and its link to my bank account to avoid them illegally withdrawing funds from that account. Gory details on request. I will never use any service with any PayPal link again. How else can I pay?
    And I might ask: have not you or any members had any bad experience with PayPal?

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