Whatever Happened to Ro-Man? by Ray Zone


“Whatever Happened to Ro-Man?” by Ray Zone

Have you ever wondered where the star of the 1953 3-D movie “Robot Monster” is today?

In a revealing interview with Phyllis Tucker (Heidi Fielek), Ro-Man (Eric Kurland) discusses some of his challenges and frustrations in attempting to secure roles as a working actor in Hollywood.

Written and Directed by Ray Zone. Stereography by Tom Koester. A Zone/Koester co-production with the LA 3-D Club (Stereo Club of Southern California)

About Ray Zone: Ray Zone is one of the leading champions of 3-D in the world. He has been called the King of 3-D Comics. Check out Ray’s 3-D Libraries at www.Ray3dzone.com, you can also read about his work on the Tom Jane 3D feature film The Dark Country and Brijes 3D, the animated 3-D feature film that Ray was 3-D producer on in Mexico. Click on Talkin’ About 3-D Comics to see an anaglyph 3D movie of Tom Jane interviewing Ray about making 3-D comics, or check out Ray interviewing Lenny Lipton.  Read about the books Ray Zone has written on 3-D Movies.

Enjoy Whatever Happened to Ro-Man? Ray’s revealing new 3D film, an interview with at a look at Ro-Man, the famous 3-D movie star of the 1953 “Golden Turkey” Robot Monster.

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