The LA 3-D Club (formerly Stereo Club of Southern California) was established in the Greater Los Angeles area in 1955 by a dedicated group of amateur 3-D stereo photographers to further the art and science of stereoscopic photography. For more than five decades members have been meeting monthly to share images created through classic slide photography, non-standard photographic stereo imaging and, in more recent years, computer generated stereo imaging. 3-D continues to retain its power of novelty and excitement as technology has progressed and Stereo Club members are now creating 3-D motion picture content for shorts and feature films. Members have also produced, directed and consulted on a variety of 3-D movies both domestically and internationally. Members continue to produce and direct short films and features and new content may be seen at screenings held at The Downtown Independent Theater, U.S. and international film festivals, 3-D home video, 3-D TV and movie theaters.

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