LG Passive 3-D TV


Review of LG 50LA6970 Passive 3-D TV (Applies to similar LG LCD “Smart” Passive 3-D TVs) I have had this TV now for over 6 months. At the time I bought it from Sam’s Club, it cost well under $700, and I paid under $100 for a Sony Blu­ray player, capable of playing 3-D Blu­ray movies, to… [Continue Reading]

Enter the Image of the Year Competition DEADLINE EXTENDED TO JULY 3rd!

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For entry into the 2013-2014 LA 3D Club Image of the Year Competition and Show, please: 1. Select 5 stereo images you submitted in Club competitions from September 2013 through May 2014. The images may be any combination of the 3 categories, Standard, and/or Modified, and/or CGI/Art. Your submissions must be the same digital images… [Continue Reading]


I had the pleasure recently of attending two 3-D movies on the same day, with about an hour and a half between them to digest the first before becoming absorbed in the second.  Both were commendable, but entirely different in practically every way imaginable, dramatically illustrating the huge palette of writing and production tools available… [Continue Reading]

Review: “Flight of the Butterflies” a MUST SEE!


Whether or not you are familiar with the amazing story of the Monarch Butterfly and its super-generation that migrates from Canada to Mexico, the factual story of how this migration was discovered and proven should enthrall the most jaded documentary movie goer.  But best of all, in this giant screen IMAX production, currently being shown on the… [Continue Reading]

Movie Review of “Jack the Giant Slayer”


Movie Review of “Jack the Giant Slayer” 3-D Version If you are looking for some good 3-D fun in a current (or second run reduced rate) movie, “Jack the Giant Slayer” might be a pleasant surprise for you.  The surprise is that this is not strictly a children’s story the way it is presented, although… [Continue Reading]

Fabulous 3D A-to-Z Book Available at Large Discount to 3D Club Members

Last month in the 3-D NEWS you read Lawrence Kaufman’s positive review of 3D A-to-Z, byRichard Kroon. This is a book so good that I am submitting my own review in depth for the LA 3D Club web site. To begin with, this is a book that should be purchased by any 3D imaging enthusiast… [Continue Reading]



Deadline for the always memorable “Image of the Year” competition is Thursday, June 28, the Thursday AFTER the day of our club meeting.  If you entered any stereo images in any of our club competitions starting in September, 2011, and ending in May, 2012, those images are eligible to be entered!  You may select and enter up… [Continue Reading]

Movie Review — “Rio” 3D

Now here is a movie to which I must confess I have a prejudice — I am a small parrot owner!  As such, I can state with much delight that the parrot characters in the story are “spot on,” with some exaggeration you would expect for a cartoon, of course!  One such exaggeration, the varied… [Continue Reading]

Movie Review — “Gnomeo and Juliet” 3D

Ever wonder what those lawn ornaments (the ones that look like refugees from a fairy story) do in their spare time when you are not around?  “Gnomeo and Juliet,” a skilfully animated 3D romp, proposes that they may be reworking a classic Shakespeare plot into a story that contains no resemblance to the original Shakespeare… [Continue Reading]

Inexpensive but High Quality 3D Theater

Sick of the exorbitant prices being charged for 3D movie showings?  Well, for a very refreshing change, I attended a showing of “Gnomeo and Juliet” in RealD at the 2nd run Starplex La Mirada Movies 7 Theater, at 15296 Rosecrans Avenue, La Mirada, CA 90638, tel. (714) 739-1010 (Actually, in spite of its address, the… [Continue Reading]

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