Join The LA 3-D Club

If you live in the Los Angeles area, or if you simply want to keep up on activities in the global 3-D community, consider membership in the LA 3-D Club. Membership includes many 3-D benefits, among them monthly meetings (including five 3-D photo competitions per year), monthly 3-D film screenings, workshops on various 3-D techniques, 3-D photo exhibitions, our digital newsletter, the 3-D News, and unique and stimulating 3-D programs. But the most important benefit is in the membership itself. Members come from all types of fields and arenas of artistic and photographic creativity and range from enthusiasts to professionals. Conversations are diverse, interesting, and are a good source for learning more about what is going on in this field.

Club membership includes use of the club library which has 3-D movies, stereo slides and books on 3-D that can be checked out.

To inquire for full details about membership in the LA 3-D Club, send an e-mail to

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