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3D-Con 2017 in August in Irvine, CA. 3d-con.com

Here is a run down of some of the events happening in Irvine, Ca during 3D-Con 2017. More events, including speakers and panels are being confirmed and scheduled. Keep an eye on 3d-con.com for updates.

3D-Con returns to Southern California for its 43rd year. The National Stereoscopic Assn. joins the International Stereoscopic Union for one Big Event. The National Stereoscopic Assn. (NSA) 43rd Annual 3-D Con and the International Stereoscopic Union’s (ISU) 21st Biennial International World Congress, August 8th through August 14th at the Hotel Irvine in Irvine, California. Including a cutting-edge 3D theatre, informational workshops & meetings, stereoscopic art exhibitions, image competitions, 3D equipment & view auction, a large trade fair, photo excursions, speakers, banquets, Historic & Modern Stereo Card Exhibits, Image Competitions and much more. You won’t want to miss this event.

The host hotel is the Hotel Irvine, Jamboree Center at 17900 Jamboree Road Irvine, California 92614 – Chairing again will be Steve Berezin: steve@berezin.com Website: 3d-con.com. These combined convention/Congresses are always great affairs. The hotel added rooms, after our block sold out two months early! It promises to be better than the 2012 3D-Con also hosted by the LA 3-D Club and one of the largest 3D conventions in recent history. Check the website: http://3d-con.com/

3-D SPACE Sponsored Activities

3-D SPACE, The Center For Stereoscopic Photography, Art, Cinema, and Photography is a Los Angeles based 501(c)3 nonprofit dedicated to the preservation of the history of stereoscopic imaging and the advancement of current and future 3-D arts and sciences. 3-D SPACE plans to open a facility that will include a 3-D history museum, contemporary gallery, theater, and classroom. While there is no permanent facility right now, 3-D SPACE will be very active at 3D-Con, bringing items from its collection to display in both the Stereodeon Museum and the 3D Art Gallery. Exhibiting artifacts ranging from Victorian stereo viewers to holograms from the 20th and 21st centuries, the Natural Vision camera rig used to shoot House of Wax in 1953, and the latest in virtual reality.

3-D SPACE will also be helping with the programming in the convention’s 3-D Theater, which will feature numerous submitted shows by ISU and NSA members, Award winning films from the 13th Annual LA 3-D Movie Festival, the 57th Hollywood International Exhibition of Stereo Photography, plus a number of keynote presentations, including Denis Pellerin of the London Stereoscopic Company, and others. In addition, 3-D SPACE will be curating a number of special screenings and presentations at 3D-Con, including:

Special Screening of Restored 3-D British Film Harmony Lane (1954)
In August 2014, this lost 3-D film was discovered buried deep in the vaults of the British Film Institute, and was restored this year by the 3-D Film Archive. Directed by Lewis Gilbert (as Byron Gill) and photographed by A.E. Jeakins in March, 1953, it sat on the shelf until the end of 1954 when it was finally released flat. This delightful 27 minute short is like spending a night at the Palladium with several variety acts. They include dancing by the Jack Billings Trio; a song by the Beverley Sisters; “Swan Lake” by Svetlana Beriosova and David Paltenghi of the Sadler’s Wells Ballet; precision dancing by The Television Toppers and a comedy routine with Dora Bryan and Max Bygraves. The orchestra was directed by future Hammer Studios composer, Philip Martell.

Saturday Evening Keynotes
Chris Casady: Premier, Never Before Seen: Industrial Light and Magic, 1977, 40th anniversary tribute to the special effects behind Star Wars. 24 year old Animator and 3D photo hobbyist Chris Casady documented his work environment back in 1977 skulking around Industrial Light and Magic (ILM) after midnight. Not realizing the fi lm Star Wars would be a smash hit, but knowing the models looked really cool, Chris made 3D portraits of the props, the environment and fellow coworkers. What remains is a casual, candid view of the production environment at ILM for a modest little “science fi ction fi lm for children” that 20th Century Fox took a gamble on. See close-ups of the Rebel spaceships, the Millennium Falcon, X-Wing and T.I.E. Fighters, Sand Crawler and Luke’s Land speeder, stages, machine shop, props and the Death Star. These images have never before been seen in public.

J-Walt: Lucid Dreamscapes
Mind-blowing live 3-D performance by Academy Award winning multimedia artist J-Walt. The show integrates music and stereoscopic computer graphics to create immersive worlds and dreamscapes, all manipulated in real-time on the big screen. Sunday Matinee Performance: Captured Aural Phantasy Theater Captured Aural Phantasy combine the art, drama and comedy of a vintage radio program with the live entertainment of a variety show. This special show is built around performances of 3-D comic book stories, vintage pop culture gems, along with live sound effects, music and projected art.
Sunday Outdoor Screening: September Storm
September Storm was the last 3-D picture filmed in the 1950s, and the first to be released in 3-D CinemaScope. It was also the first feature to include color underwater 3-D footage, and was long considered lost until the original negative elements were located for this digital restoration. The screening also included The Adventures of Sam Space, a 3-D stop-motion animated short produced by Volcano Pictures in 1953, but not released until 1960, when it was retitled Space Attack and paired with September Storm.

Stereodeon Museum
The Stereodeon Museum, or “Stereo Den,” is an exhibit space devoted primarily to the history of 20th Century 3D. It will include displays of 1950s era 3D film and cinema cameras, plus images in Stereo Realist format, View-Master and more. There’s nothing else quite like it at 3D-Con, or anywhere else, so drop in for a visit during the Convention.

3D Art Gallery
The 3D-Con Art Gallery is a place where new and old ideas about stereo-imagery have a home. We encourage new approaches to 3D art and experimental efforts – you name it, we will consider it, and we will show it. This gallery has an exciting and unexpected air thanks in part to its inclusive nature (we have always managed to show everything that folks have brought with them), self-reliance (you must provide everything you need to show your work) and evolving nature.

The size and content of the exhibit is driven by the folks that submit, and the space and facilities made available at the convention venue. In past years, we have shown sculpture that includes 3D imagery, stereo viewing contraptions that are also artworks, life sized phantograms, stereo paintings, stereo drawings, huge images and tiny ones – the list goes on. Because of its diverse content, the gallery also becomes a great place to discuss new ideas, solve problems and become inspired to think beyond the conventional when it comes to creating and sharing stereo photography.

It’s easy submit work for inclusion. Read the guidelines posted on the Convention web site. They explain what you will need to bring with you to the convention, and how we go about organizing everyone’s contributions. Once you have decided what you will be bringing to the party, fill out and return the Art Gallery Submission Form. Lastly, show up at the convention with your work. Returning the Art Gallery Submission Form before you arrive is very important as it gives us an idea of how much space to allocate to your exhibit, whether or not you need power, and a few other logistical details that help us make sure that we can include everyone. The Art Gallery Submission Form and Rules can be found at www.3d-con.com/artgallery.php.

Trade Fair
A major component of every NSA convention is the Trade Fair. We are very excited about the trade fair for the 2017 3D-Con because Southern California has traditionally been a very successful venue for this activity, attracting large numbers of both sellers and buyers. The Trade Fair will occur during the convention on Saturday from 0900 – 1600 (9AM – 4 PM) and on Sunday from 1000 – 1400 (10 AM – 2 PM). The trade fair will be just next door to the main stereo theatre, so it will be easy to slip over and pick up a few great items between shows!

This is a terrific opportunity to see and purchase stereo items from the mid-19th century to the current day. Period stereoviews, viewers, and cameras, as well as books, DVD’s and other material is available. There is usually a general air of excitement to see what kind of items are going to be offered by the dozens of vendors that attend. Admittance to the trade fair is included with your convention registration. Not only will you have the opportunity to add to your stereo collection, but you will get to meet and mingle with other collectors including many that pay to attend just the trade fair. This year, in addition to our usual list of dealers, we will have a stereo wet plate photographer who can take tintypes of you or your guests and then mount them for viewing with a Holmes style viewer. If you wish to become a vendor you can find the enrollment forms on the 3D-Con website.

The 3D-Con Spotlight Auction is one of the largest 3D related image and equipment auctions in the world. The Spotlight Auction is famous for some record-setting prices, but is also a place to find bargains. Members and non-members consign 3D vintage and modern views, all types of equipment, View-Master reels or anything 3D related. Check out the items in the catalog or at one of the previews during the convention, or just prior to the auction, so you can join in the fun of bidding and winning some great 3D items. See the 3D-con.com website for forms.

In depth, hands on workshops have long been an integral part of 3D-Con. Here, expert presenters help those interested to develop their skills and find resources for all kinds of 3D related activities. A partial list of workshops is available to give you some idea of the depth and breadth of the hour long courses that will be offered, and which are included as part of your convention registration.

NSA Card Competition
3D-Con also includes two NSA stereo card competitions. Both 3D photographers and collectors are invited to assemble 8 – 12 images relating to a theme and submit them to the NSA card competition. For collectors, the exhibition offers a chance to peruse and reshuffle your antique card collection and present a group of images that illustrates a humorous, historical or political concept. The potential is limitless. Current 3D photographers are invited to submit their own work on a particular theme. Both categories are judged, and ribbons are awarded. All entries are displayed in the Art Gallery during the convention. This display is always popular and surrounded by lively discussion and exchange of information. Entry deadline is July 29, 2017. More details are at 3D-Con.com under Image Competitions. Or call Donna Matthews +1-205-799-5708 or donnamat@aol.com

Plus Much More! See you in Irvine in August.

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