Deadline for the always memorable “Image of the Year” competition is Thursday, June 28, the Thursday AFTER the day of our club meeting.  If you entered any stereo images in any of our club competitions starting in September, 2011, and ending in May, 2012, those images are eligible to be entered!  You may select and enter up to 5 stereo images from any categories, regardless of the score they got in the club competition. NOTE:  YOU MUST SUBMIT TWO COPIES OF THE ENTRY FORM with your image titles listed in the SAME ORDER that you submit them on the Club’s uploader!

The “Image of the Year” judging is done by judges who have not seen the images before and who can judge the images from their own fresh perspective.  So, if you think one or more of your images deserves a second chance at an award, enter it!  Even if you don’t believe your images have a chance at an award, submit them anyway so that we can enjoy them and give them recognition at the August Banquet show, which is made up of ALL the “Image of the Year” entries, not just the award winners.  Titles and maker names are cited for EVERY entry during the show!  (Note, however, that images in the “Modified” category are not eligible for the 1st Place “Image of the Year” award, although such images are eligible for all the other awards.  Also note that, to be eligible for “Most Promising New Member,” you must enter no less than 5 stereo images.)

The “Image of the Year Competition” awards, along with announcement of and awards for the year end Competition Category Standings, will be made at the August Banquet and will be published in the September “3D News.”  Also, we will try to make the “Image of the Year” show available for viewing in a convenient format some time after the August Banquet.

For details of the awards and how to enter, please see the Image of the Year Entry Form included in this issue.  The form is also available for printing  HERE.  If you can’t make copies of the form to bring to the June 21 meeting, there will be blank forms available from me at the meeting.  The club’s on-line uploader will be open until 11:59 of June 28.  If you have questions, contactOliver Dean at (310) 635-2400 or at 3dimages@sbcglobal.net.

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