Ray Zone: RIP

It is with great sadness that I must report the sudden passing of our friend Ray Zone.

Ray passed away on Tuesday, November 13th at his home in Los Angeles. He leaves a long legacy as an author, publisher, historian, photographer, filmmaker and artist. A longtime advocate of stereography as an art form, he earned the title “King of 3-D Comics” for publishing or producing the 3-D separations for over 130 3-D comic books. Ray was a longtime member and past President of the LA 3-D Club, and was currently serving as the club’s Vice President.

And he was my mentor and dear friend. Rest in peace.

Eric Kurland
Los Angeles 3-D Club (SCSC)


  1. Bob Foster says:

    This one really hurts. Ray was such a good guy who really knew a lot and shared a lot. I first met Ray about 30 years ago, had lunch with him a week ago and was supposed to have dinner with him tomorrow night. I was really looking forward to it. Anybody who knew Ray knew how much fun it was to talk with him. But I don’t need to tell you that, do I? What a great guy. What a great loss.

  2. Ron Kriesel says:

    Arriving back home today, I am totally sad to hear this news.

    Condolences to Ray’s family and friends.

    I pray 3-D is better yet on the “other side”


  3. I was really surprised to hear that Ray had passed. I only got to meet him a couple times, but he really made me feel welcome as a newer member of the 3D community. I won’t forget that.

  4. Claudia Kunin says:

    What a shock! Ray was the ultimate champion of 3D. He brought it to the world. Ray always was encouraging others, and building them up. He will be greatly missed. There is a hole clean through to another dimension with Ray gone. How sad for all of us who loved him.

  5. We have known and worked with Ray since 1981. He has been part of our family, and a brother to us both. To say that we will miss him will not begin to describe the hole this leaves in our hearts. When it came to 3-D “no” was not part of Ray’s vocabulary. He believed anything was possible, and we are glad that so many of his dreams became a reality. He seriously took on the role of 3-D historian, and the books he has written, as well as the numerous articles, will continue to be read long after we all are gone. Ray was so pleased that he was leaving a printed legacy. We will miss his voluminous expositions on virtually any aspect of 3D. -David & Susan

  6. Cody Charfauros says:

    I knew him very briefly especially relative to many others, but he was always teaching, developing, pushing the artform. A living legend becomes a true legend. We’re tasked with continuing the work he started.

  7. Ray was a constant in both bookstores I’ve worked in for the last 25 years and became a friend. We did a 3-D event in the bookstore last year that Ray made possible, getting the 3-D club involved with my store. We were planning an event for his latest book too. A wealth of knowledge, and always a fan, we will surely miss Ray here at the store and I will miss the many conversations that we would have continued to have. Travel well Ray, you will surely be missed.

  8. Michael Brauss says:

    I first met Ray “in 3-D” so to speak at the 3-D Film Expo at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre. Having been enthralled for many years prior by his work in 3-D comics I fully expected to experience a star’s “aura and attitude”, however to my surprise there wasn’t any! I was soon most impressed by his down to earth warmth, sense of humor and genuine welcoming nature. Being from the midwest my meetings with Ray were sporadic and sprinkled over the years since, but they were always memorable, always interesting and always Ray made me feel as a welcomed friend. My last visit with Ray was this spring, we talked about pulling a project together sometime this year when our schedules matched, sadly it won’t be. Gone too soon and too young!
    Thank you Ray for your kindness, Rest in Peace.

  9. Bruce Block says:

    3D will never have an ambassador as kind, giving, dedicated and knowledgeable as Ray Zone. His sudden passing is a terrible loss. The last time I visited him, in August, he was as positive, funny and thoughtful as ever. We discussed 3D, aspect ratio, and directing… and as always, he had original insights, historical references and a great passion. His books have saved his words but his spirit will be greatly missed.

  10. Mike Weissman says:

    I am so sad to lose Ray. So young and so vital. I did not know him well, but always wanted to. Two questions:

    1. Is there, was there, a memorial service? I have been looking and waiting for some news. Did I miss it?

    2. How can the 3D community preserve Ray’s website, “The 3D Zone” (http://www.ray3dzone.com/index.html)?? It is a treasure trove of his articles, on many diverse topics from 3D production to art commentary. I would like to read them all (well, many of them…), and hope that it does not disappear before I can get to it!

    Mike Weissman

  11. Jonnie Owens says:

    I am Ray’s sister and reading all your comments really touches me. I know Ray had a way of spreading his excitement of a subject with others. I already miss him so much.

  12. Donna Matthews says:

    I am sorry that I will not be there with you this Sunday in Ray’s ‘church’ to celebrate his life
    and mourn his passing. A part of my life seems smaller, deflated without him in it.

  13. Steve G. says:

    Ray was a warm and welcoming man. He bore the welcoming spirit in true 3D! He will be greatly missed.

  14. Kathy Rose says:

    I met Ray in October when he taped my performance at USC. I am very saddened by his passing – he was a really fine man, and invaluable in sharing his enthusiasm in 3d. Ray sent me the video he made, in fact a 25 minute program he had designed, and I am hoping we can get it shown, which I know he wanted.


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