Saturday Session Workshop: AI for colorization and 2D to 3D conversion

AI for colorization and 2D to 3D conversion

Go to Saturday, June 19th @ 10am Pacific time
Saturday June 19th at 10am Pacific Time Saturday Sessions Workshop will be presented by LA 3-D Club member David Richardson. David will present on AI for making 3D Images out of 2D and colorizing of black and white images.

“Many of us have played with techniques to convert images from 2D to 3D or to colorize black and white images. While both can be easy to learn the basics to refine the technique and make something that looks realistic can take months or even years to perfect. Personally, I started colorizing images in 2009 and started using methods such as depth maps to convert 2D to 3D a few years later. The results vary and require experience and patience to get realistic results. In the past few years, though Artificial Intelligence has improved to the point that much of what I have spent more than 10 years to master can now be done in a few minutes using A1. Like methods to do this by hand. The results vary from terrific to disappointing, but continues to improve.

During the 12 years that I have been doing colorizations I have completed around 1,000, which is about 100 per year or around one every 3-4 days. Exploring with what is possible with Artificial intelligence I took a set of 2,000+ black and white stereo pairs and did colorizations for all of them in the course of one weekend. I also created 3D conversions for images that would have taken a week each and produced new stereo images in the space of a few minutes. This month we will do a workshop to look at Artificial Intelligence and show the capabilities and current limitations. This is a great session for anyone that would like to try colorization or 3D conversion but does not have the time to really learn it. We will explore both free programs as some paid services, the advantage to them as well as shortcomings and how to overcome them. Tools required: None, most of these are online tools and are just drag and drop. We will look at how to do colorization and 3D conversion in a matter of minutes and then how to correct or adjust the results.” ~ David Richardson
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